Sunday, July 5, 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 28

We ended up barbecuing a lot last week so I changed the meal plan and didn't make several of the dishes I'd bought ingredients for, so I am putting them on the list for this week.

Lunch at desk – on a conference call.  Salad from Inspiralized book: apple, watercress, gorgonzola and pecan
Dinner - Last cake decorating class - will take a sandwich
Lunch – on a training course with lunch provided
Dinner – at a work event in the evening, will grab something to eat on way home
Lunch - sandwich or salad
Dinner - barbecue: honey and mustard chicken kebabs and prawn kebabs.
Lunch - out with a friend
Dinner - Deliciously Ella's butternut squash risotto with grilled chicken for me; gammon and mashed potatoes for him
Fri - working from home
Lunch - pasta?
Dinner - Out with friend in evening
Lunch – something quick as I have an appointment at 12 noon: huevos rancheros
Dinner - barbecue again if the weather is nice. Marinaded chicken portions of some kind - will decide on Saturday.
Lunch – at Birdworld for an owl handling experience that was part of my birthday present from my boyfriend
Dinner - something from the freezer with chips


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